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Beekeeping tips for October

By Jim Orem and Ginger Davidson October is the month to prepare your bees for what Mother Nature has in store this upcoming winter.¬†You might be wondering, what could cause the demise of my bees during the winter? It is usually either starvation or moisture. And, I have added a third item to this list…
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Alcohol wash to get a mite count in a beehive

Originally submitted by J. Morgan in 2013 Revised Jun. 17, 2017 by Karen Ferguson to provide the latest info on alcohol washes blessed by SIBA. When I lost what I considered my best hive over the winter of 2013, I sent a sample of these bees to the Beltsville bee lab. It came back with…
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SIBA Makes Mite Washing kits to Raffle off at Summer Meetings

Submitted by J. Morgan A group of SIBA members, advocating the importance of beekeepers knowing their mite infestations, gathered together to create our version of a mite wash kit. It's a fact that most colony deaths are the result of varroa mites. Mites secretly build when the beekeeper isn't looking causing not only colony mortality,…
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