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Garry's Workshop 2016 #1

Jan. 9, we made hive bodies, swarm traps, and frames... en masse.


Testing for Nosema

Susan Shank talk nosema apis, and nosema ceranae at the June 2015 SIBA Moores Hill meeting.


Jason's Observation Hive

This design was developed by Garry Reeves and I worked on building this over the winter of 2014-15.


Pollinator Pasture

Plants from the BFBK Bee Seed Mix


2015 Bee Tree Removal

We already got a call to collect some bees that were exposed about 30 feet up in a tree. This one required scaffolding, and a bee vac!


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Did you know that bees visit thousands of plants and weed species for the collection of pollen, playing a critical role in the pollenation of plants, trees and our gardens. Here is a growing collection of photos along with notes from our own members.  View the galleries now.

Bee Identification Guide

Need help understanding the difference between a honeybee and other common bees? It's important to know what kind of bees you have before calling a beekeeper to come and get them! Click here to see some photos and hear our commentary.