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Mite Wash with Alcohol

Members Jeff Ginn, Jim Kinker and Jason Morgan perform alcohol washes to check for varroa mites. One hive was over the top with 50+ mites in the sample.


Monarch Butterflies and Catapillers

Be familiar with what these look like and leave them alone to help increase the Monarch population. Photos by Bob Mattingly.


Robber Flies: Honey Bee Predator

Robber Flies eat honey bees. Here's what they look like.


Indiana State Fair 2014

12 SIBA member manned the honey store at the Indy State Fair on Sat. Aug. 9th. Here are a few pics.


View Photo Galleries

Did you know that bees visit thousands of plants and weed species for the collection of pollen, playing a critical role in the pollenation of plants, trees and our gardens. Here is a growing collection of photos along with notes from our own members.  View the galleries now.

Bee Identification Guide

Need help understanding the difference between a honeybee and other common bees? It's important to know what kind of bees you have before calling a beekeeper to come and get them! Click here to see some photos and hear our commentary.