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Jim's Spring Sling 2014

Pictures from Jim's Spring Sling 2014.


May 2014 Field Day

We had 13 in attendance! We went through 10 hives & nucs. We found and marked 4 out of 7 queens. The other 3 were winter survivors and were marked red. Green is such a great color! Easy to find inside the hive.


April 2014 Field Day at Brian Batta's

April 2014 hive inspections at Brian Batta's. Note also a picture of a hive top feeder for those needing to know.


Garry's Winter Workshop #3 March 2014

Pics from Garry's Winter Workshop March 5, 2014. Lot's of frame building and various other pieces of wooden ware. Since Jason appeared to be caught up on woodenware, he decided to use the day to make a cheese press.


Garry's Winter Workshop #4 March 2014

Pics from Garry's Winter Workshop March 15, 2014. Manufactured were solar wax melters, nucs lids, hive bodies and of course a lot if frame building.


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Did you know that bees visit thousands of plants and weed species for the collection of pollen, playing a critical role in the pollenation of plants, trees and our gardens. Here is a growing collection of photos along with notes from our own members.  View the galleries now.

Bee Identification Guide

Need help understanding the difference between a honeybee and other common bees? It's important to know what kind of bees you have before calling a beekeeper to come and get them! Click here to see some photos and hear our commentary.