Iotron Industries Apiary Day March 22, 2013

March 4, 2013

Iotron Industries is sponsoring a Apiary day for Local beekeeping organizations. Iotron offers equipment sterilization through electricity based Irradiation. The process has been shown to have a very high degree of success in eliminating diseases in the hive. Please review the flyer attached for more information about the process and details to participate in the treatment organized for early spring. Please feel free to pass this message on to other local organizations that you feel might benefit from this process or to have your club sponsor a collection point and bring in equipment.

Electron beam Irradiation of honeybee equipment destroys the pathogens responsible for many bee diseases, resulting in increased colony health, improved productivity, savings on drugs costs as well as equipment and comb replacement costs. Widespread, routine use of electron beam irradiation has the potential to increase health of the industry as a whole. This is especially beneficial if you are planning to repopulate an existing hive with new package bees. This process provides a pathogen and disease free environment for the new bees.

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