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Making Honey from Flowers: A Guide to Bees!
Great information on what bees do... and even information on extracting honey. Great information for beekeepers too!

Canada Agricultural Museum
Bees, a honey of an idea

An excellent presentation for anyone wanting great visuals and concise information on all bees. Click the view.

Boy Scouts of America – Beekeeping Merit Badge Resources

Find materials below that will assist us in keeping the beekeeping spirit alive in our children and future leaders.

  1. A Beekeeping Club Resolution form supporting reinstatement of the Beekeeping Merit Badge.
  2. general Petition in favor of reinstatement of the Beekeeping Merit Badge (for use by anyone, anywhere, to be signed by anyone)
  3. Petition form to be used by Scouts.
  4. An Individual Beekeeper’s form Letter in support of reinstatement of the Beekeeping Merit Badge, with promise to act as a mentor.