Monthly Archives: September 2013

Not the foggiest idea!

Bugs, Blooms and Vittles By Chandra Mattingly In a previous blog, I mentioned fogging my honeybee hives with mineral oil to suppress mites. SIBA member Joan Chester, Independence, Ky., has started fogging her own hives with mineral oil to which she has added mint oil and asked me what I do. So here is an…
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IBA update for 4th Quarter Newsletter

Contributed by J. Morgan The season sure has flown by for us in SE Indiana. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about putting honey supers on our overwintered hives. Since then, we've already pulled our honey harvests, and we've been on to mite management, apiary increase and making FAT bees for the upcoming…
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To bee or not to bee is question facing city dwellers

Bugs, Blooms and Vittles By Chandra Mattingly How much control should government – ANY government – have over individuals' lives and property? Local plan codes, ordinances and property association rules tell folks how far from property lines buildings must be, how many acres they must have to keep cattle, how large their houses must or…
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