What’s Blooming?

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What's Blooming in SE Indiana?

Local beeks, this is our best effort to present to you a general idea of what is blooming in our local area. Many of us know what we like to look for, but this is for those who need a reminder... and also for our new beekeepers. This effort was pieced together by Jimmy O, Jason, and John M. We tried to keep it simple and general. Over time, we'll add photos and massage this information as necessary. We're always open to your feedback, suggestions and corrections!

Listing only significant nectar and pollen producers

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Approx. Bloom time Bloom Pollen color Nectar/pollen Source Notes
Mid Feb-early Mar Crocus Orange yellow Fair
Early-mid Mar Pussy Willow Cream
Early-mid Mar Hazelnut Light green Fair
Early-mid Mar Henbit
Purple Deadnettle
Orange red Poor
Mid Mar-mid Apr Dandelion Red yellow Very good Begins flow
Mid Apr-mid May Black Locust tree Excellent, primary flow in SE Indiana 3-4 weeks after dandelion
May Yellow sweet clover Yellow Follows Locust by a week
May Dutch Clover
Alsike Clover
Yellow brown Good Follows Locust by a week
End May-mid Jun Catalpa tree Marks end of spring flow
Jul and Aug Ironweed
Joe Pye
Milk weed
Mid Aug Boneset 3-4 weeks before Goldenrod
Sept Goldenrod
Oct Aster Reddish yellow

We're always open to your feedback, suggestions and corrections!

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