Monthly Archives: September 2012

Small Hive Beetle (SHB) What to do?

Submitted by J. Morgan As a beekeeper in my forth season, I can proudly say that I haven't lost a hive yet! I'm not worrying about jinxing myself either because I know I eventually will. We all will. Sometimes, there's just nothing we can do. But for me, I don't go down without a fight.┬áDespite…
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What’s that smell?

Submitted by J. Orem Yes, it's that time of year! Goldenrod is in bloom and my apiary smells like feet. I have heard that in Indiana alone there are 11 kinds of goldenrod. I can identify only 3. There's the early one you see in July, then the flat topped kind you see in August…
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SIBA Third Quarter 2012 Update

Contributed by J. Morgan July started in Garry Reeves bee yard, demonstrating the method of combining weak hives with strong ones using newspaper. Our discussions spanned the many different methods to combine hives, and introduce queens. Many people replaced queens for various reasons... and others participated in some exciting queen rearing techniques that Garry Reeves…
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