Monthly Archives: December 2019

Fourth-quarter update from Michael Slivka

The fourth quarter of my first year of beekeeping saw a slowdown in activity as preparations are made heading into winter. I started October with a decision on what to do with the two full honey supers. Of my four hives, one was smaller and was still in a single deep and I was concerned…
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Third-quarter update from Michael Slivka

The third quarter of my first year of beekeeping saw the continuation of the feeding frenzy that had started the previous quarter. I now had four gallon feeders on each hive but I was only filling them only half to three-quarters full to make them easier to handle when accessing the hive. To keep up…
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Beekeeping Tips for December

By Jim Orem and Ginger Davidson What is usually happening in the hive: The bees are clustered together in a dormant state.  Periodic stretches of warm weather will allow the bees to break their cluster in order to take cleansing (defecating) flights, and hopefully move closer to honey stores. By the time December rolls around, beekeeping…
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