Jamie Ellis discusses Nosema in detail

Here are some tips form our IN State Apiarist, Kathleen Prough to consider as you clean up your apiary from a nosema outbreak:

  • Hive tools, scape and scorch. Heat will sterilize. A blow torch and a couple cans of propane fuel will work.
  • Supers, bottom boards, inner covers and top covers - scrape and scorch. Be sure to scrape excess wax off before scorching. Scorch until you see wax dripping and wood is dark brown. You just have to scorch the inside of boxes.
  • Frames - any with bee defecation, you're best to get rid of. Tom Webster said freezing should kill Nosema also. He did say get frames with bee poop out of hive. The frames can be sterilized at Iotron also during the Beekeepers Day in the spring.
  • Fumagilin does not work as well for Nosema ceranae.
  • Get a new queen in there and get hives in a good dry sunny place. You may need to feed sugar water and a little pollen to help with nutrition.
  • Read the "Basic Lesson in Nosema" blog