Parasites and Disease

Our battles with pests and diseases are ongoing. Keeping a watchful eye as you inspect your hives can give you the upper hand when dealing with parasites and diseases. Most of the time, early detection is the difference between saving and losing a hive. Use these resources to help decipher and manage various parasites and diseases.

A Field Guide to Honey Bees and Their Maladies, A very nice guide in PDF format of everything that ails our hives. Includes a lot of pictures too.

Jamie Ellis was the guest speaker at the IBA bee school in Feb 2013. Jim Orem suggested we link to his page to watch videos on the 5 most problematic issues or pests/diseases in beekeeping in Florida. Consequently, these 5 issues are real issue for us too. So check out the web site here and view his quick and informative videos by clicking the link below: