Club Library

The SIBA library includes many books that cover a range of issues related to bees, beekeeping, and associated topics. Many of the books have been purchased by SIBA, but some of them have been gifted to our club.

Any given month, we loan out books at no cost. All we ask is that you return them in a timely manner. Since our meetings occur monthly, our expectation is for the books to be returned at our next meeting. Sometimes we grant a one-month extension to the return date, giving you two months to read the books. There are often people waiting for the book YOU have. If needed, contact Don Burkart, SIBA club librarian, to ask for an extension. It's quick, easy, and considerate to others.

Please click the button below to reserve a book to pick up at the next meeting. If you would like to reserve more than one book, simply follow the same process for each book. It's easy, fill out the simple form at least one day before the meeting, and the librarian will have the book(s) there for you. 

Beekeeping Library Books Available for Check-out: (click book title for overview)

Please contact Don Burkart for any questions or to reserve a book to check out at the next meeting.