Monthly Archives: June 2014

Of Bugs, Blooms & Vittles: How sweet it is

By Chandra L. Mattingly Beelieve it or not, the sweetest part of beekeeping for most backyard beekeepers isn't the honey harvest. It's seeing that their honeybees have survived another winter – especially when the winter was like this last one! But folks who are interested in beekeeping as well as beginning beekeepers can get a…
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Have you tried this smoker fuel?

by Ginger Davidson Wow, I just received 5 days of intense ‘bee therapy’. In this case, ‘bee therapy’ refers to spending time amongst a dozen or so Midwestern beekeepers at the Purdue University Bee Lab and being immersed in nothing but bees for those days. It was a beekeeper heaven. Our goal during this…
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SIBA Update for IBA 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Submitted by Tyson Hermes Our group has been busy sharing knowledge and tips of this wondrous craft, while developing deep rooted friendships and camaraderie, and introducing new beekeepers to local mentors. In fact it has now become Jim Orem’s opening of each meeting to get a show of hands of new beekeepers, ask where they…
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