Monthly Archives: August 2013

Drones: The Forgotten Bee – Drone Frame Trapping

By Ginger Davidson Recently, I was selected and funded for a small research grant project to look at using drone frame trapping to control mites while raising those drones to maturity for mating purposes. Why in the world would you want to do this? Through a serious of small articles, you can follow my…
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SIBA Debuts at the Indiana State Fair

Contributed by J. Morgan Seven members of SIBA made an early morning trip to the Indiana State Fair on Saturday August 3rd. We first met at the Post road exit on I-74 just outside of the metro area, then caravanned to Gate 16 on the North West corner of the fairgrounds. John Miller and Jeff…
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Getting iron in those hives!

By Chandra Mattingly This summer may be a better year than most for honeybees and other insect foragers. Not only have we had plenty of rain, but weather forecasters indicate adequate rainfall should continue, along with cooler temperatures. As long as the temperatures don't fall below the 50s, and pop up in the daytime, they…
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