Monthly Archives: September 2014

Of Bugs, Blooms & Vittles: Fruits of fall

Submitted by Chan Mattingly Pumpkins. Crisp red and golden apples. Foliage so vibrant it's unbelievable. The scent of smoke in the air, be it from campfires or burning leaves. This is fall, as are foggy mornings, brisk temperatures and yellow school buses. But my fall also includes fresh-fallen ripe persimmons, honeybees buzzing in fall asters…
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Robber Flies: Cold-hearted honey bee killer

Submited by Jason Morgan By now, most of us in our area have seen these dragon-fly looking things, and many more of us have seen them swooping in an eating our bees. They are called Robber Flies. How apropos. Some remain suspect, but I've seen bees swiped out of mid-air by these. Speaking to Garry…
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Join the effort to save the monarchs

By Chandra L. Mattingly Staff Reporter If the monarch caterpillars in our living room are any indication, monarch butterflies' wintering population should be up this year. Those who love the tropical insects' orange and black stained glass appearance hope so. In a life cycle that stretches from Mexico to Canada, these delicate creatures are dependent…
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