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Beekeeping Tips for November

In November, your bees will become broodless and start to cluster together in dormancy.  The exception is a periodic warm spell that allows them to move closer to stored honey and make those all-important cleansing (defecating) flights. Therefore, the beekeepers’ work starts to dwindle a little as your hives should be ready for winter with…
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Duane Bischoff

Duane Bischoff Beekeeping History and Experience I have been keeping bees for about 7 years now. Started out with just a couple hives and have had as many as 46 7 year member of the club but now a lifetime member My retirement plan is to up my number of hives to 50-75 and make…
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Beekeeping tips for October

Originally by Jim Orem and Ginger Davidson, edited by J. Morgan October is the month to prepare your bees for what Mother Nature has in store this upcoming winter. You might be wondering, what could cause the demise of my bees during the winter? Beyond diseases from mite infestation, it can be either starvation or moisture...…
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