Aurora Farmers Fair Shift List

2019 Fair Confirmed Shift List

The list below is updated with the names of those confirmed for the shift. I will update the list as frequently as possible, but please understand the list below is not "real-time." Again, first-come, first served. The sooner you sign up, the more likely you'll get your desired shift. Thanks to those who participate!

(Setup) Tues. Oct. 1, Arrive at 4pm, to help setup.

(Setup) Wed. Oct. 2, Before 4pm final details setup.

  • Paul Lageman

(Shift) Wed. Oct 2, 5pm-10:30pm (2-3 participants)

  • Paul Lageman

(Shift) Thurs. Oct. 3, 5pm-10:30pm (2-3 participants)

  • Brian Laker

(Shift 1) Fri. Oct. 4, 12-5pm (2-3 participants)

  • Patricia Seevers
  • Andy Wiggam
  • Karen Ferguson

(Shift 2) Fri. Oct. 4, 5-11pm (2-3 participants)

(Shift 1) Sat. Oct. 5, 9-1pm (2-3 participants)

(Shift 2) Sat. Oct. 5, 1-5pm (2-3 participants)

(Shift 3) Sat. Oct. 5, 5pm-11pm (Close)