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Alcohol wash to get a mite count in a beehive

Originally submitted by J. Morgan in 2013Revised Jun. 17, 2017 by Karen Ferguson to provide the latest info on alcohol washes blessed by SIBA. When I lost what I considered my best hive over the winter of 2013, I sent a sample of these bees to the Beltsville bee lab. It came back with a…
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What can a beekeeper learn from a dairy farmer?

Ginger Davidson As most of you know, I’m enamored with learning about drones - male honey bees, not the small flying machines. I truly believe that you can’t have a great queen without some awesome drones. With all the attention given to queens, drones are often taken for granted and forgotten. However, since the…
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Accelerators and Electronic Beams in Beekeeping?

submitted by Ginger Davidson Yesterday, I took some of my beekeeping equipment to a company to have it sterilized through electricity based irradiation. Although the drive to Northern Indiana was long and I don't have any known diseases, I wanted to try this option as a precautionary measure with some of my older hive…
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