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February 2016 SIBA Meeting Recap

Contributed by J. Morgan It was a large turn-out with about 53 people in attendance. Typical meetings have a mix of new and second, third or forth year beekeepers, so we lead a discussion on building up colonies that made it through the winter and develop a plan for each hive. We suggested ideas,…
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To see, or not to see? Setting up an Observation Hive

Contributed by J. Morgan I've been wanting to set up a very portable observation hive for a few years. To date, I┬áhave borrowed them from fellow beekeepers to do bee education presentations for various groups. Since I didn't want to wear out my welcome with the generous people who have loaned them to me, I…
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Spring Splits – My process to turn 1 hive into 6

Contributed by Tyson Hermes Editor's note: Tyson's story is quite timely as we prepare for the spring season. Many of us will lose some hives for various reasons over the winter slumber and we encourage you to make a proactive plan on how you will recover from any losses. Splitting your hives is the easiest…
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