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How a second-year beekeeper prepares for the spring

Submitted by J. Morgan (with contributions from J. Orem and C. Cottingham) As a second-year beekeeper, I wanted to share a little information about what I'll be doing with my bees as spring approaches. I installed two packages of bees in the spring of 2010 and, despite a rocky start (bees attempting to abscond,) I consider my…
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Observing the hive bottom boards and sticky boards

Submitted by J. Morgan There's a lot of information that can be gained by taking a closer look at something we usually disregard. Particularly, the boards on the bottom of our bee hive. At the present time, I have screened bottom boards under my hives... so what am I talking about? Today, I paid another visit to Jim…
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Sugar dusting a bee hive for mite control

Submitted by J. Morgan   There's a lot of opinions and thoughts on sugar dusting and so on Thursday, September 16, 2010, we decided to address the topic. The associated video was our attempt to further explain and demonstrate the matter. Techniques and thoughts vary depending on who you ask or the area you are…
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