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Dwight Wells Slide Deck from the March 2016 Meeting

Contributed by Jerry Rinehart SIBA wishes to thank Dwight Wells for visiting us in March and sharing information on mite management and and ideas on how to populate our area with better bees. Here are some brief talking points from his presentation, but you can find this and much more in the included PDF that is linked…
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Update from Indiana Bee School XII 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana

I attended the Indiana Bee School XII in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, February 22, 2014 with many of my fellow beekeepers. As usual, it was a great time... a full day of bee discussions and soaking up thousands of viewpoints. The attendance was a record. About 900 beekeepers were in attendance along with all our familiar…
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Drones: The Forgotten Bee – Drone Frame Trapping

By Ginger Davidson Recently, I was selected and funded for a small research grant project to look at using drone frame trapping to control mites while raising those drones to maturity for mating purposes. Why in the world would you want to do this? Through a serious of small articles, you can follow my…
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