Whitney Cooley

Whitney Cooley

Beekeeping Story:

  • I started beekeeping four years ago on a whim. I ordered a book called Beginning Beekeeping, by Tanya Phillips, and read it all in one sitting. I was so fascinated that I took the plunge and dove headfirst into beekeeping! I found a local club called SIBA that held meetings at a guy’s house named Garry Reeves. I expected approximately four people to be there but must have walked into forty! Here we are four years later! I presently have 8 hives.
  • I joined SIBA officially at the beginning of 2021 and began taking over in writing articles about the club for the state quarterly newsletters. 
  • I continue to write quarterly articles for the state newsletters, as well as help to promote the club and beekeeping through SIBA’s Instagram page, that I created this year (2023).


  • Registered Respiratory Therapist and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation specialist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. 
  • Currently obtaining a Master of Science through Yale University’s Physician Assistant Online program. Graduation May 10, 2024!! 
  • Co-owner of our farm business and tree nursery dealer/grower, Whit Acres, LLC.


  • I organize the annual Lawrenceburg River Sweep every September along the riverfront.
  • I co-chair a wilderness medicine student interest group called Wild Med Wednesday where we get experts from around the world to lecture about wilderness medicine topics for medical professionals to earn educational credit. I had Cody Lundin of Dual Survival lecture this year!
  • When I graduate from school, I plan to work in natural medicine!