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February 2021 Meeting Recap

By W. Cooley The planning meeting was a great success. We were very humbled by the number of people who showed up to understand the future of SIBA and how they could help. We will be having a meeting in March! Jeff Montag will show us how to take a nuc to honey in one…
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Fourth-quarter update from Michael Slivka

The fourth quarter of my first year of beekeeping saw a slowdown in activity as preparations are made heading into winter. I started October with a decision on what to do with the two full honey supers. Of my four hives, one was smaller and was still in a single deep and I was concerned…
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Third-quarter update from Michael Slivka

The third quarter of my first year of beekeeping saw the continuation of the feeding frenzy that had started the previous quarter. I now had four gallon feeders on each hive but I was only filling them only half to three-quarters full to make them easier to handle when accessing the hive. To keep up…
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Second-quarter update from Michael Slivka

Michael was the recipient of the JumpStart grant. This is his second-quarter update. See the first update here. The second quarter of my first year of beekeeping started off slowly but by the end of June, I was busier than, well, the proverbial bee! In April, I acquired and assembled several dozen deep frames for…
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