Bulk honey bottle purchase

SIBA member Brian Copeland has been working on finding a good price on honey containers for a bulk club purchase. At this time, we're interested in checking member interest. Find below the costs that we could potentially see through a bulk club purchase of bottles. The prices shown INCLUDE the safety seal and cap. You can see the shape of the bottles in the image above.

1lb = .65
2lb = .85
3lb = 1.00
5lb = 1.35

If you think you would be interested, CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE INTEREST FORM. Keep in mind, this is NOT a purchase yet, and you will not be asked for any payment information. This form is simply collecting your commitment to purchase. If we have enough interest, we'll put in a club order. If we have a LOT of interest, we may be able to get a slightly lower cost. Thanks!

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