Bubba Bo from WSCH 99.3FM in Lawrenceburg talks bees with Jason Morgan

Contributed by J. Morgan

This weeks addition is a podcast. Here is the elusive interview with Bubba Bo and Jason Morgan. Listen in to this 30 minute interview where we delve into topics ranging from:

  • The anatomy of the colony
  • How bees help humanity
  • Where to find and buy local honey
  • Raw vs. pasteurized honey and the benefits of honey
  • Swarms of bees and who to call for removal
  • Overwintering honey bees
  • How to get started in beekeeping, approx. costs and where to find a mentor
  • Dare we talk Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?
  • and much more!

Can anyone guess the the "Farm in Cleves" that I refer to at the end? Bubba really did his research and launched all the right questions. Hope you enjoy and let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Click play above to listen now, or Download MP3 (37611664)


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