July 2014 Report from IN State Apiary Inspector

Some beekeepers were able to take off honey beginning of July. If you had hives that made it through the winter you should be getting honey. Even if you repopulated a dead out you may be able to get some honey off them. The clover is still blooming so good sign for the nectar flow to keep going.

Some hives are building up slow. Reports are coming in from Beltsville bee lab that nosema is being found in samples sent in here in July. Signs to look for with nosema in the summer: poor build up, may see crawling twitching bees in front of hive in grass, dwindling population, feces on top of frames in hive and may see other diseases like EFB or chalkbrood in hive. What can you do? First send in a sample of bees to the Beltsville bee lab to see if it is nosema. Second requeen the hive. If the sample comes back positive, take off honey supers and treat with Fumidil-B. I would not wait for results if you have all of these symptoms. I would start treating with Fumidil-B ASAP. Remember to follow the label on how to mix it with sugar water and treat with it. No using Boardman feeders, it must be feed within the hive. Fumidil-B will break down if exposed to light.
Other reason fro slow buildup is a poor queen. She is there, but not doing anything. Replace that poor quality queen and keep an eye on the new queen. Always keep an eye on your queens.
Keep tracking varroa mites. Be ready to treat if you need to. Miteaway quick strip is the only mite treatment that can be used when honey supers are on. Other chemical mite treatments you will have to take off the honeys suppers when treating. Sampling for mites can be done several ways. The one I think is the fastest is the powder sugar roll. Check out the two websites below on how to sample for varroa mites.

If you have any questions or need me to come out and go through your hives with you, please call or text me on my cell #317-412-3315. Lately I have been out more than in the office. So call my cell.

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