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Soapmaking for Beginners with Jan Jackson

Jan Jackson came and presented a lesson in soapmaking for beginners. Many in our group have been waiting for someone to come and show the basic process since several people had a concern over working with lye. Jan over-delivered by showing us all the basic equipment and the process she uses to make her goats…
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Larry Kemmerly from ISBA talks to SIBA about harvesting bee pollen

Contributed by J. Morgan Larry Kemmerly from the Indiana State Beekeepers Association (ISBA) speaks to Southeast Indiana Beekeepers about collecting and processing pollen for consumption and sale at farmers markets. Larry collects and sells about 50 lbs of pollen per year. While Larry's methods are by no means the defacto, we asked him to explain…
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How much woodenware do I need?

By Jim Orem & Rick Orr I get the question every now and then, “How much woodenware do I really need?” I’m the wrong person to have such a question asked of me. Every February I have a pile of equipment (e.g. bottom boards, outer covers, inner covers, boxes, etc.) ready for spring that I…
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