Larry Kemmerly from ISBA talks to SIBA about harvesting bee pollen

Contributed by J. Morgan

Larry Kemmerly from the Indiana State Beekeepers Association (ISBA) speaks to Southeast Indiana Beekeepers about collecting and processing pollen for consumption and sale at farmers markets. Larry collects and sells about 50 lbs of pollen per year. While Larry's methods are by no means the defacto, we asked him to explain how he does it, and he did in great detail. He also showed and described various types of pollen traps and answered our questions. Theories on pollen benefits include helping skin, cardio-vascular functions, prostate, allergy relief, and more. If you are interested in collecting pollen from your hives, watch the entire 45-minute presentation. A lot is covered. Larry graciously volunteered to make the drive out to us and there were 60mph winds (and snow flurries) outside that night. So our group passed the hat to pay for his gas and efforts.

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