Soapmaking for Beginners with Jan Jackson

Jan Jackson came and presented a lesson in soapmaking for beginners. Many in our group have been waiting for someone to come and show the basic process since several people had a concern over working with lye. Jan over-delivered by showing us all the basic equipment and the process she uses to make her goats milk soaps. She also brought in a good selection of her products for us to see how she packages it. For those of us who sell at farmers markets, this presentation was a hit!

Many questions were posed related to working with lye... and also the difference between regular lye and food-grade lye. It's important to use food-grade products in anything that will be applied to the skin, or consumed. Thanks to everyone who came for a lot of great questions!

After the presentation, many attendees purchased Jan's soaps to try out for themselves. If you missed it, then, please enjoy the video below!

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