SIBA Election Info

The SIBA election will happen at the October 19th meeting.

Per the club By-Laws, the Vice President is to coordinate the process. Jeff Montag is currently serving in this role.

  • Jeff will provide paper ballets to be handed out at the door, and will post printed copies of the profiles listed below near the entry (and one other spot in the room) where club members can review, prior to voting.
  • The ballets will state each candidate’s name, and a simple statement with direction to “Vote for no more than five candidates”.
  • Doty and Robin will hand out the ballets to paid club members, checking them off the list. If anyone wishes to pay their membership dues at the door, they can do so and receive a ballet.
  • There will be a box provided to drop the ballets into, during the opening of the meeting and until 8pm.
  • At 8pm, Robin and Doty and one additional witness (TBD) will take the box of ballets and tally the votes, in a separate room.
  • Ballets that have more than five candidates selected will be disqualified.
  • The tally should not take more than 15 minutes. So, we should be able to announce the new Board of Directors by 8:15.

Meet the Candidates:

Mike Bentz

Duane Bischoff

Dave Broxterman

Don Burkart

Whitney Cooley

Jeff Montag

Jason Morgan